About us

Conrad Jacobson Medical Assistance GmbH is a German company, registered at the Trade Register in Hamburg, no.: HRB 94255, which was founded in 2009. We are specializing in the organization and provision of support and assistance during medical treatment of our international patients in the best clinics and hospitals in Hamburg.

Our office is located at the very heart of the city center of Hamburg, near the Main Train Station and can easily be reached by foot, underground train, bus or taxi, whatever is your preference.

We are proud of our team of interpreters who speak German, Russian and English fluently and understand medical terminology.

Our Financial Department is responsible for the financial statement and settlement for individual private patients as well as employees who are sent here by their companies for medical treatment. If needed, we will also provide assistance and support to accompanying family members.

Since Conrad Jacobson GmbH, our holding company, started working with the best clinics and hospitals in Hamburg 25 years ago, we have a successful track record in this area of medical expertise. Our experiences and support has been highly appreciated alongside the professional treatment received by those patients.

The team of Conrad Jacobson Medical Assistance GmbH will talk to you in your own language, accompany you during your time of treatment and offer additional support in any areas of concern that may cause problems, such as:

  • Visa-Support
  • Services as interpreter and translator
  • Organization of accommodation (hotel, apartment)
  • Transportation
  • Sourcing medical equipment and drugs specific to your needs and any other requests you may need help with.
  • Our team will be available to provide 24 hour support during your time in Hamburg.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to concentrate on your health and the healing process and get fit quickly. While we take care of everything else you may require or need.